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The Syndicate Timeline


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first off we consider their home in the relay



Now we look at the description of the Executioners from the Orokin that we received from the Simiaris Scan "The rifles at my back tried to urge me inside. Old faces filled the dome's projections, immense and god-like. I walked into the center of the room and the scorched scent choked my lungs. All around me they watched, bored, as I knelt upon the darkened judgement disc." even from their themes of judgement "The projection of Executor Ballas swelled large in front of me. I could see his purity, his symmetry, the beauty of his glittering gold irises. His voice thundered, "The principles are clear. Your sentence is death. May the Void forgive you."

My Theory is that the Arbiters are the Oldest Syndicate after all from how closely they resemble the Executioners, and how they also have the theme of being judges all together this would either suggest that their leader came from one of the Executioners, or someone very close to them. With this in mind it also allows the other Syndicates to have a time line with the Red Veil being the newest Syndicate, they have seen all the corruption this universe has to offer and as such they wish to begin to cleanse the Sentients, Grineer, Corpus, and Orokin. The Perrin and the Meridian are the second newest, they are descended from the newly emerging(compared to the Orokin) Grineer and Corpus faction which would have needed to gain lots of power for splinter factions to even form leading to the conclusion of them being in exactly in the middle of this Chaos.


The New Loka want earth to become pure once more, this means the removal of the Grineer and the Super Trees which have overgrown it, ergo they are placed after the emergence of the Grineer and their domination of the Earth yet before the Tenno emerged from Cyro-Stasis putting them in the early timeline. Cephalon Suda seeks knowledge, if she had come from the beginning like the Arbiters then she would not lack any knowledge, if she was incredibly recent then she would lack the power necessary to become a large scale faction, this leads to the evidence that she became operational  during the middle of the Chaos that was the universe before we emerged likely putting her after New Loka yet before the Perrin and Meridian.

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