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Frost Snow Globe Stacking Testing


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I did some quick  simulacrum tests to confirm that snow globe stacking was working.


Specifically i wanted to know that the health of the globe was increasing linearly with each cast.


The results show pretty conclusively that snow globe is working correctly in this regard.


The test:


Took my frost prime to the simulacrum and spawned a lvl 20 arid heavy gunner.


I let the heavy gunner shoot my globe and used a stopwatch to record the amount of time it took to drop the globe to 

50 percent health.


The data was so conclusive that i cut my testing short. Here are my measurements.


1 globe                    24 seconds

2 globes (stacked)  49 seconds

4 globes (stacked)  96 seconds

6 globes (stacked) 145 seconds 


I would start and stop the stopwatch whenever the gunner stopped to reload, hence the measurement errors got large for the 96 second run.


Other details: 

frost prime was using vitality r10, steel fiber r10, transienrt fortitue r8, and had 145% power strength, 100% power range and 170% power efficiency


Its important to cast the globe before you summon the gunner or else the initial 4 seconds of globe invulenrability (where it soaks up damage and increases health) will screw up your measurements.


A level 95 arid heavy gunner will drop a pre-existing globe to half health in 2 to 3 seconds (hard to measure its so fast).

But if you cast the globe while its firing at you, that same globe wil take 8.7 seconds or so to drop to half life. This is because those first 4 seconds of invulnerability are spend soaking up that damage and increasing its health enormously.


I'd still like to know exactly how steel fiber interacts with the 5 x Armor bonus to globe health.


Edit: added a 6 globe data point 

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I decided to measure the DPS of the lvl 20 arid heavy gunner.


This would let me further analyse the data to figure out the exact armor contribution to the globe life.


I took my frost prime and removed the steel fiber mod and transient fortitute so that it had 100% power strength and 300 armor.

This would get it a bog standard globe health of (3500 + 5x300 = 5000 life)


I then took this frost prime to the simulacrum and measured the amount of time a lvl20 arid heavy gunner took to completely destroy the globe, using a stopwatch.


I repeated the measurement 4 times. Here is the data


27.5 sec

25.3 sec

25.1 sec

25.8 sec


I threw out the 27 second measurement as an outlier and averaged the remaining 3 to get 25.4 second average time.


Dividing 5000 health by 25.4 sec gives me 197 dps.


Going back to my original data set in my first post, we see that it took 24 sec to remove half the life of my stronger globe.


So 24 sec x 197 x 2 = 9500 life for that first, stronger globe (keeping it to 2 significant figures).


Lets see if we can arrive at that 9500 life from our understanding of how the globe health calculation SHOULD work.


According to the wiki, globe health should be:


(power strength) x 3500 + armor x 5 = health

(1.45) x 3500 + 630 x 5 = 8225


however, 8225 is a good 1300 life short of our measurement.


Notice however, that if we let the 500% armor contribution be affected by power strength we get:


(1.45) x 3500 + 630 x 5 x 1.45 = 9600 life


which is very close to our measurement of 9500 life. 


So these data suggest that not only is steel fiber calculated first then multiplied by 5, but that the 500% increase is itself affected by power strength.


Further testing is required of course. 

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Thanks for taking the intiative to test it out for us. :) I am relieved to know that the stacking mechanic still exists after U17 when inside the globe. Initially before U17, i thought the cap limit of  casting 4 globes also applies to stacking of only 4 globes of health even when standing inside a globe. 

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