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Revive Bug


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 I'm going to kep this short as I am extreamly angry at the moment and I do not wish to post something I'll regret later.


In missions, expecially survival, defence, and interception if you die in later waves and attempt to revive you will use the revive and stay in "Spectator mode" meanwhile you can not move or take any actions, even typing in chat is a pain, most of the time you eventually die again forcing you to use another revive, and forfitting any loot dropped from the waves while you are stuck in this situation, this particular mission that has got me steamed on an epic level I died once and used all 4 of my revives and the one time I actually revived I died instantlly as it basicall forced me to keep my ESC window open and aga I could take no actions, using the /unstuck command does nothing. Figure it out the problem and fix it.

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