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Orokin Tower Texture/flipped Poly Issue


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So, we ran a couple Void missions last night, and one of our exterminates had us in a big, multilevel square room with lots of water.  There was a platform (level) we were standing on, to two sides the ground was level, and then straight ahead, the path angled down and it was as though the polys were inside out.  What was very strange about this was that it only did this from certain angles.  Also, there was a threshhold we could cross where we couldn't see up the ramp as well, so it effected both approach vectors.


To me, it sounds like there's an untextured plane floating in space there that didn't get cleaned up, BUT it could be any number of things-I might be a 3D artist, but I'm not an especially experienced TD.  Take a look in there.


I REALLY like the new tile sets.  The Orokin tile set is gorgeous, and the Grineer ship has a lot more personality than the Corpus ships. 


Overall pretty good though, didn't encounter any other graphical issues in the new sets (yet) other than that one space.

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