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[Concept] Ordis Voice Packs


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Hello world.


It's 4fun concept, but i think it's great way how to spend some platina.


Ordis voice packs would change ordis's phrases to "Depressive ordis" Mad Ordis" Happy Ordis"Intelligent Ordis"


For example. Depressive ordis would say "Operator, i hope you are happy. At lease someone is." Lets continue calculating space routes, (some space physics stuff). Like i'm doing whole my existense.. *sigh*"


Mad Ordis "Ahh. those stupid grineers, they must destroy everythng! "Operator, your kubrow makes another poop! Do something with it before I DO!


Happy ordis " What a nice day to be a Tenno's Cephalon!" Look! A falling star! Wish something!


 Intelligent ordis " The count of grineer ships in space grew by 3.788% Operator"


My platina would be away very fast.


What do you think about it?



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I just want to be able to change Ordis's voice packs to other AI's in popular games / movies.



Nanosuit from Crysis.

Jarvis from Iron Man.

Cortana from Halo.

Adjutant from Starcraft.

I'll make it rain cash in DE HQ if these come.

Nano suit AI: Operator, your foundry has completed an item, use it with caution.

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To be honest, I think this could be worked with in a different way. 

Ordis is supposed to be damaged, so what if we get the option of having a "repaired" Ordis who doesn't have mood whiplashes and such. The other option would be to keep Ordis the way he is (A sort of acceptance of "You're fine the way you are").

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