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Missing Items + Incorrect Equipment Tab Ranking


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I hadn't played since around the Tethra's Doom event until a week or two ago.

Came back now, everything seemingly fine but in the last week I noted some foundry items missing and an equipment tab bug (the latter at least presumably caused by the new tutorial)


The items missing that I'm sure of: Boar Prime Receiver and Stock, I was keeping the Boar Prime, Braton Prime and Bronco prime parts sitting in my inventory unbuilt essentially since they respectively came out intending to horde up orokin cells to build a few prime items enmass but never getting around to it at the time.

I think I had Dakra parts too, though I'm not 100% sure about that, there are none of them now though.


The other equipment malfunction is the first warframe I had, Excalibur, is showing in the equipment tab as rank 1. It's rank 30 as it has been for years and shown in the arsenal correctly as such.


Created a ticket, got back a stock response essentially saying staff don't remove items you must have accidentally sold them. I don't even have the Merchant challenge/achievement completed I've sold so few things. 7.5k worth that I sold in one day way back to test out selling, then never again, it's unchanged since then.


Also ticket respondent failed to notice or say a word about the other reported easily viewable equipment tab bug.

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