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Uranus Archwing Bug


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Same thing happened to me too recently.


I tried to jump over water while using Ripline to get up a rail and fell, but ripline still triggered and pulled me "out" of the water during my Archwing transition-into phase... and then this happened.




here are some additional shots





It was hilarious and funny, though made it hard for me to kill anything XD

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A similar thing happened to me as well. While fighting Tyl Regor, I was stuck in Archwing mode above water, and forced to use my archwing weapons as opposed to the Vectis and others I had equipped.
It was during the transition (during the boss fight) about halfway through where Tyl submerges half of the arena and you're forced to fight on the high ground.
I was playing as a Nova at the time, and I usually open a portal (3rd ability) as soon as I see the water start to come down. I'm pretty sure I touched the water, started the transition (to Archwing) anitmation, and in the middle of that the portal triggered and I finished the animation at the end of the portal, near the ceiling, and subsequently had to fly around as an Archwing in the air.
I then died, in an attempt to reset the Archwing state and return to my own weapons, which worked to some success; I no longer floated and could walk on the ground, but my primary remained that of the Archwing.
Here's a screenshot:

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