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Mastery Awareness


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Mastery fodder... Dozens upon dozens of weapons that you never want to use. Maybe they look ugly, maybe they deal low damage, or maybe they just don't fit your playstyle.


And yet, to advance in rank, you need to max them.


The most common course of action is to max a weapon, then sell it.


But eventually, you'll have maxed so many weapons out, you won't be able to recall which ones you mastered without a lengthy visit to the codex. 


You also won't be able to see which weapons are just fodder and which are forma'd without a more detailed look at the weapon.



My proposal: a symbol, text, or any indicator that is always on weapons if they are mastered.


Something like this, mind the font:




Of course, you also want to be able to see this in the arsenal.



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I like this idea, and beyond the foundry it'd be cool to have some kind of indicator at the weapon selection menu too.

Even for those weapons that are sold for plat that we've mastered, but don't own anymore... Err for those drunken warframe nights.. XD

This is in fact part of the idea.


Something like this, perhaps?



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