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Depleted Reload [U Wot Mate?]


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tl;dr Make depleted reload 40/40 or 50/50 mod, not 60/40


So I spent the whole weekend farming this mod, look at the stats and here's my gripe:


-60% mag size

+40% reload speed



Um this corrupted mod has a bigger negative side-effect than a positive one? Can this be 40/40 or meet down the middle 50/50.


Now there isn't anything that sais DE can't make a  first corrupted mod where the negative bonus is greater than the positive, but why? Corrupted mods typically are a 1 to 1 ratio or the positive bonus is greater than the negative one. This is the first mod that has a inverse relation to positive/negative and I don't understand why :/. Putting this on my vectis prime means I have 1 slot for an elemental mod if I want to use a chamber mod, gg for me :(. Putting this on Vlukar / Snipetron(Vandal) or Lanka, cuts the bullet economy heftily without much of an explanation or justification.


edit: And I'm aware of the effect this mod has on the vectis, so no need to spam this thread with those semi-auto vectis vids.

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