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Osprey Rework


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Hello guys, after U17,most of the enemies in Corpus Spy missions(or other cuz I don't play else than Spy) have been replaced my Ospreys. Current Ospreys have no chance of staggering in any way. Ospreys have the same face models as MOAs. But unlike MOAs,Ospreys cannot get blinded. Which doesn't sound right at all. Mesa's second ability doesn't affect them,they keep attacking. Excalibur cannot blind them. ETC. One or the most part I hate about them that if just one sees you,they alert the entire room without even making a noise! Even MOAs can scream or make some sort of sound. Ospreys however,they alert enemies by just opening their wings. Which is really unrealistic if you ask me. 


If you are a no brainer,here is the shorter version:

You see a Crewman walking with his Shield Osprey, Crewman is facing back and Osprey is looking front. You're in front. Osprey sees you and opens it's wings. SOMEHOW the Crewman hears this and goes to sound alarms. Oxium Osprey in the other room hears this and comes in and start shooting at you. You use your Radial Blind because you took too much damage. Crewman is blinded but Oxium Osprey isn't. It goes YOLO and charges at you. Charge succes,Oxium Osprey is in ruins. But so are you,you are dead and Crewman already sounded the alarms. There goes your stealth mission.


My demand from future updates are stagger/blind-able Ospreys that are silent and do NOT alert enemies.


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