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Tyl Regor Bossfight Bug


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Its something I've noticed when doing Tyl Regor assassination missions.


During the first phase of the fight (when Tyl charges at you) he can be killed with weapons that has extremely high amounts of damage in 1-2 shot(s). For the final phase of the fight where the water level rises to the top of the arena, I only needed to kill the Manics and the fight would end there. Tyl will not appear since the client already marks him as being 'dead'.


Now here comes the interesting part, I've noticed my teammates occasionally shooting at the air (during the final phase) , and getting randomly damaged. At first I thought they were fighting the Manics, but none were to be found, then I hear Tyl's attack audio, but I can't see him nor can I damage him, and I would also not be harmed. But it is as if my teammates were fighting him.


The only other instance that my teammates were not fighting the air, is when they were also bringing in high end weapons, which I suspected that they also 'killed' Tyl in his first or second phase. Then after entering the final phase, we would only need to kill the Manics and the fight would end there.


NOTE : I am mainly playing as a client, when hosting, this problem does not occur. When hosting, Tyl properly goes invulnerable whenever his health reaches the threshold, hence he cannot be 'killed' early.


Please look into this, will try to provide more info where needed.

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I have no doubt there are a lot of bugs with his fight which are yet to be discovered. I found a melee-only bug: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/501100-tyl-regor-melee-only-bug/


It was kind of a fantastic accident. During testing all the way up to a 4-person squad, there was such amazing bugs. In the end, a Tinyframe Nyx ran up and Ant-Man'ed Tyl. I wish I had video of that.

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