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Big Problem With Chat



Hi, Me and my friend wanted to play some high level void today (after a long time not playing them) but when we entered the region chat we got kicked for like everything we asked from the Kickbot. Now I wonder what is  the reason to have a region chat if you can't chat on it. Other people in chat told me that they are got kicked for a lot of various thing with no reason at all.

The real problem is that before you can't find people because I'm Italian and in chat there isn't that much people often but you did could find someone to play with, now it's ridiculous, you can't write and the kickbot tells you to search for people under recluitment but there never been anybody.
How is supposed to play hard difficulty mission like these?
That is the main thing I don't like about this game, you just can't play for yourself or with a friends freely because for some stuff you MUST need more people. 
I know the point of having a clan with my friends but we can't play togethere very often for differents free times we have so I need to ask the chat and now I can't anymore.
Did you guys have tips o some other helps for me about this?

PS: The support.warfram.com (kickbot told me this link to every problem) doesn't work.. of course.

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PS: The support.warfram.com (kickbot told me this link to every problem) doesn't work.. of course.

-.- you forgot an "e";;; support.warframE.com works...



If I got you right, you are saying that you can't play hard missions because you got kicked from Region chat? 


...you are not supposed to be chatting in Region chat while in a Mission, therefore we have that Group Chat...


gotcha now... If there aren't many people in recruit-chat, then you might have to play in an Open Squad... or just play the english version of the game... 


Also... If kickbot kicks you, just relog and everythings fine again...

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if you want to find more people, switch to the english servers. in the launcher screen, where it says "italiano" you can change the language, and that change the chat you are using. 

and there are people in recruiting even if you don't see anyone, only the recently active ones are listed. 


for anyone who wonders: italian chats are a bit underpopulated.

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We used region chat for finding players for months and everyone else was using that too, this was the strange thing.

Kickbot today banned paople who ask noob-like question like where to find something, in region chat! He drown in his own power.

If I go to english server I make people lag or I'll have lag.. but I'll try.
I really hope in recruitment will be somebody because in the italian chat only once I saw ONE person. Never happened again.

BTW thank you guys!


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