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Tigris Status Chance Not Working Properly


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Well since proc chance is divided by pellets and not all pellets hit, the real chance is a lot lower then you might think. On top of that the low fire rate on the tigris makes status nearly useless, since even with a proc per shot you only get 2 procs per 1.2 seconds out of it at best. 



Shotgun status calculation is that one pellet out of the group will proc.  However, possibly due to a bug, when status chance reaches 100% (before multishot mods are added) all pellets have a 100% chance to proc.  


Unfortunately this is the only really working status mechanic for shotguns. While you can make viral and radiation halve way worth to mod status chance for on shotguns with very high fire rate(mara detron, kohmak, kohm) it only works because you can get a lot of rounds off and you only need one proc. When it comes to stackable procs like toxin, corrosive, magnetic, slash only status shotguns do this to a level where it is worth building for status, even then the damage procs are not that useful because they scale off the pellet(a 22 bleed proc, even 10 of them are vastly less useful then a 1k+ one from a dread).


Status shotguns where good vs high level shield/armor, good for keeping CC up like the fire proc(before the U17 nerfs) and for some niche applications like shooting into a vortex with radiation/viral with your boar prime/akbronko prime to disable auras before you switch back to something that kills stuff.

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As RealPandemonium stated

Status currently gets diluted with multi-shot(pellets in this case) when below 100% status.

Rather than Status chance work like Crit chance: each pellet/projectile has UI crit chance

Status splits the UI status chance divided by the pellet/Multi-shot

Simple weapons for example: Akjagara shoot two bullets per round (innate 100% multishot or 2 pellets) the Global 20% base status gets divided by 2 so each pellet/projectile has 10% individual status chance but Global 20% status chance.

With Tigris on a 90% UI status with 120% Multi shot...you are averaging about 10pellets (8-12 pellets with 120% multishot).

-90% status chance divided by average of 10 pellets will be 9% status per pellet.

-Without Hell's chamber and just using the base 4pellets. 36% UI status chance would have the same 9% status per pellet.

If UI status was 36% with mutlishot....it would only be 3.6% status for each individual 10 pellets on average.

If DE would change status to be per projectile/pellet it would greatly increase the chance of actually scoring status procs. Especially for high sub-100% status builds with a lot of pellets/multishot.

Although Multi-shot would no longer boost UI status chance.....same way Multi-shot does not boost UI crit chance.

*Also older Status mods need a rebalance; including Dual Stat Nightmare mods.

-Hammer shot and Stunning Speed should be boosted to 60% status and Ice Storm should be 60% cold damage

-Status only mods Rifle Aptitude, Melee Prowess, Sure Shot : should be 90-120% status with Shutgun Savvy being 120-150%

Most importantly Status needs to be changed to per pellet/projectile(individual) rather than Global

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Posts above portray the right idea, but not the correct numbers. It's worse than you think.


The vanilla Tigris has a 25% status chance and 4 pellets per shot. That's roughly 6.94% status chance per pellet.

With 3 dual stat mods, the status chance becomes 70%, roughly 25.99% status chance per pellet.

3 dual stat mods + hell's chamber still keeps each pellet proc chance at 25.99%, but since you're firing more pellets, the status chance of the weapon as a whole goes up. Hell's chamber will guarantee 8 pellets, with an 80% chance of a 9th. That'll make your roughly 92% status chance you see on your arsenal screen.

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U17 nerfed Heat proc?


Not the heat proc but status shotguns that where good to keep it up, by reducing status on the boar prime from 40 to 30% and increasing the reload of the strun wraith from 1.5s for the 8 round magazine to over 0.5s per single round.

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