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Idea For Valkyr Prime


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Maybe this isnt an original idea, but since Valkyr's rage was forged by the corpus. It can only be assumed that in the orokin era, she was different. It would be cool to see valkyr as something elegant and bright, I propose to make her into a actual Valkyrie, make her look divine almost.

Her skill set can still be largely kept the same if you think about it.

The real issue is her fourth ability. I say you give her something like a lance or spear, instead of her rage induced claws.


I think logicalprotocol did an amazing job in portraying this.




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Here's an idea:


We know Salad grabbed a warframe named <X>, and then modified her into what we know as Valkyr.


So, what if instead of doing Dragon, Vandal or whatever, we ACTUALLY get <X> Prime


Yes. Not Valkyr Prime. Use her regular name. Similar how Cronus Prime is actually Dakra Prime.


Of course to make it even more spicy, significantly alter her visual appearance AND somehow alter her skillset (not very much though, to keep the theme and gameplay feel of the frame)


It would require DE to actually stop being lazy and do something unique and creative instead of glueing random armor parts to a standard model. (Yes, I'm still &!$$y about Loki Prime pants)



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No thank you.




Because I love the claws.


In fact, I wish it made more sense to put Venka on Valkyr than the other weapons (A big sword, hammer, dual axes, etc are what enhance her "claws" far above what other claws do? WTF) that enhance her fourth so much more currently.


I want there to be proper synergy between the Claw weapons, its stances, its mods, its stats and the Valkyr 4th ability.


I would hope this would also mean improving the stats, animations, and mods for the Venka and Ripka as well, if not more claw weapons.



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