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Wts Chesa Lotus Kubrow Athletic Build

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Hi Guys, some of you from the warframe community should have known me/spoke to me on Trade chat about Kubrows, or dealth with me in past to sell Lotus Kubrows. I am a Lotus Kubrow Breeder so I sell, create and combine imprints to make some nice Lotus Kubrows. Since 14.5 I have been doing this, and the only thing I sticked to is, that I still appreciate the original/natural/default colors of a Lotus Kubrow as I find it as a piece of art in game, so cheerio pallets :D

So here are some of the Kubrows I have made this week which are all lotus and I am willing to sell: Details about price, build, colors, race, gender will all be included within a description :)

1. No Price Reductions only if the Market is not in decline of Lotus Kubrows, as for now its active.
2. First Come, First Served. Once a Kubrow has been bought 2 Days are going to take place to mature.
3. If not Maturing, I will be posting updated pictures of Kubrows, since I mature one every 2 days.
4. Do not hesitate to contact me in game or send me a message on forums.

5. Lotus Chesa in pretty on high demand at the moment since its release, hence the price listings listed below. As I said on Rule number I work/sell/price kubrows according to Market Demand fair and square :)


PS: This Week I will be working on Getting the Newly Released Chesa Kubrow and also strive to do Bulky Versions.



Build: Athletic Build

Size: Medium +

Starting Price: 300P

Buyout: 900P









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