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The 5 Plat Store (Selling, Buying, Trading)

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My PSN is DimMakHeisenberg. That's the easiest way to reach me, but I'll also check here for replies or PM's.

All prices are negotiable.


SPECIAL NOTE- Everything listed here is 5 platinum at most. I'll gladly go under 5p for some of the mods or parts (like Streamline, Heavy Trauma, etc.), just ask if you're interested. All the parts I need are listed at the bottom, so if you'd rather trade, let me know.


I can get Steel Meridian, Cephalon Suda, Arbiters of Hexis, and Red Veil mods. I can also get the respective Syndicate weapons. Prices are negotiable, though I usually go around 40p. I can go lower or throw in some mod/prime part if need be. I will need time to build Standing for these mods or weapons, though.






Energy Channel


Undying Will



Steel Charge   sold



Accelerated Blast

Arrow Mutation

Metal Auger


Split Chamber


Toxic Barrage

Vital Sense



Barrel Diffusion

Ice Storm

Lethal Torrent   sold

Pistol Pestilence



Heavy Trauma

Power Throw

Sundering Strike

Virulent Scourge

Fever Strike



Burning Wasp

Cleaving Whirlwind

Crossing Snakes

Coiling Viper

Gemini Cross

Grim Fury

Seismic Palm

Shimmering Blight

Shattering Storm



Fired Up




Fast Deflection

Loyal Companion

Pack Leader






Ash Prime Chassis

Ember Prime Helmet

Ember Prime Chassis

Loki Prime Helmet 

Mag Prime Blueprint

Mag Prime Chassis

Nova Prime Blueprint

Nova Prime Helmet

Nyx Prime Systems

Rhino Prime Systems

Wyrm Prime Systems


Weapons and parts


Akbronco Prime Blueprint   sold

Ankyros Prime Blueprint  ---added

Bo Prime Blueprint

Bo Prime Ornament   sold

Boar Prime Stock   sold

Boltor Prime Stock   sold

Bronco Prime Blueprint

Bronco Prime Receiver

Burston Prime Barrel   sold

Glaive Prime Blade   sold

Glaive Prime Disc

Lex Prime Barrel   sold

Orthos Prime Handle

Orthos Prime Blade

Scindo Prime Handle

Sicarus Prime Barrel

Vasto Prime Barrel



Arcane Helmets, the cheaper, the better lol. Again, I'll gladly throw in stuff for a trade, along with platinum.

The ones I would most want are Avalon, Vespa, Hemlock, and Aura.


PRIME PARTS (stuff I'm either willing to buy or trade for. I don't necessarily need most of this stuff as a lot of it is Mastery Rank fodder, but if I can get any good deals I'll gladly take them. Or if you want something from my list but don't have platinum, I'll gladly do trades)  My PSN is DimMakHeisenberg, feel free to send me any offers for any of these pieces.


Ankyros Prime Blade

Reaper Prime Blueprint   got

Vectis Prime Blueprint

Vectis Prime Receiver

Vectis Prime Stock


Ash Prime Blueprint

Ash Prime Helmet

Ash Prime Systems

Carrier Prime Carapace

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