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Random Encounters Rogue Tenno


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There is little to no post game content. So I believe we should make some. When you help Corpus or Grineer, you have the chance of angering rogue Warframes/ Tenno. Basically when you are in a mission, a random Warframe/Tenno appears and tries to kill you. In the void, you will have a higher chance of finding a Prime Rogue Tenno. After you kill them, you have a rare chance of getting a part of them. (lets say 2 out of 100?)

Also there might be new Warframes where you can only get them by killing rogue Tenno.

Rogue Warframe Idea: Phoenix

He will only appear as a rogue Warframe and when killed he drops his parts.

125 health (375 rank 30) 


100 armor


125 shield (375 rank 30)


100 power (150 rank 30)


Sprint speed 1.20


Conclave 100


 Polarity x220px-Madurai_Pol.svg.png


Aura Polarity20px-Madurai_Pol.svg.png



Fire Flight: Phoenix blasts up in a fireball into the air damaging enemies around him and setting them on fire.


Blaze Wing: Flaming wings sprout from his back, and he glides across the sky damaging enemies and setting them on fire.


Fire spin: Phoenix twirls around and creates a fire vortex around him, damaging enemies and setting them on fire.


Flaming Rebirth: Phoenix disintegrates into ash, but suddenly the ash reforms into him inside a giant explosion dealing massive damage to anybody around him.

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