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Lynx's Mod Shop And Other Goodies.

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Currently: offline

Welcome to my mod shop and stuff.

Here is my list of mods I have collected and are now for sale. Should be keeping the list up to date.

Will be checking for replies here when I'm online. If you pm my psn please don't spam, if I don't reply I'm offline, busy (missions or other games), or afk.

Uncommon & common mods:

Ask probably have it.

If it's a rare mod and not on my lists then I don't have it or a spare of it at least, so please don't ask for buzz kill and such.

Prices aren't set in stone, negotiations are available. Discounts the more you buy. Like Costco, buy in bulk and save.

(Prices are based of experience in warframe, prices on in game trading market, and prices on forum)


Constitution 15

Continuity 5

Enemy sense 5

Flow 5

Fortitude 10

Intensify 5

Master thief 7

Reflex guard 5

Shock absorber 5

Streamline 5

Transient fortitude 15

Undying will 5

-out of stock- Vigor 15


Dead eye 7

Enemy radar 7

Energy syphon 10

Physique 7 -maxed- 15

Pistol scavenger 7

-out of stock-Rifle amp 7

Rejuvenation 10

Rifle scavenger 7

Shotgun scavenger 7

Sniper scavenger 7

Steel charge 10


Metal auger 5

Stabilizer 5

Vital sense 5

Wildfire 15

Thunderbolt 5

Sniper ammo mutation 5


Accelerated blast 15

Critical deceleration 10

Frail momentum 7

Hell's chamber 15

Ravage 10

Seeking force 15

Shotgun ammo mutation 7

Tainted shell 10


Barrel diffusion 15

Hollow point 10

Ice storm 15

Lethal torrent 15

Magnum force 15

Steady hands 7

Stunning speed 15

Tainted clip 10


Energy channel 5

Focus energy 15

-out of stock-Jagged edge 25

Rending strike 15

Spoiled strike 10

Sundering strike 7

-out of stock-Vicious frost 25

Virulent scourge 15

-on hold-Volcanic edge 25

Power throw 5


Bleeding willow 12

Brutal tide -maxed- 20

Cleaving whirlwind 12

Coiling viper 7

Iron phoenix 7

Seismic palm 7

Ask for uncommon ones.


Efficient transferral 15

Argon plating 5


Fired up 7

Guardian 3

Sanctuary 20


Fast deflection 2

Link health 5

Shelter 10

Pack leader 5

Scavenger 3


Most of the stuff I don't hoard I turn into ducats, so my prime selection isn't vast.

Boltor stock 10

Burston barrel 10

Ember helm 10

Fang BP 10

Fang blade 10

Mag chassis 15

Nyx system 15

Paris grip 10

Paris lower limb 10

Rhino system 10

Soma BP 15

Soma barrel 10

Stuff I want:

I have plat to make trades more fair.

Ash - BP, system

Boltor BP, receiver, barrel

Hikou - stars x2, pouch x2

Nova - system

Volt - BP, chassis


Maxing a mod might be available depending on mod for an extra charge.

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