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Communicator Segment Idea: Radio For Warframe Bgm


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Wasn't entirely sure where to place this so ill just leave it here.

Simple idea, basically we can change the "station" on our ships comms segment, and play tracks of Warframe's BGM. For example, your chilling out in your Liset, scrolling trade, and you can turn on the Void Theme on the communicator to enjoy some of the music from Warframe while doing other things. Warframe has a lot of good music that I find myself missing since I'm in the middle of firefights.

As far as getting the music tracks, it could either come unlocked already, or have it as a scanning reward for a faction or something.

In any case just a small idea, would give extended use to that segment of the Liset.

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I'm all for such an idea. The current radio chatter is a bit annoying, but at least it adds a bit of atmosphere to the Liset. It'd be nice to have something I'll enjoy listening to though.

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