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Oceanum Lasers Invisible But Still Active...


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I'm doing the spy mission on Oceanum, lasers were supposed to be turned off. I cannot leave this area because there is an invisible laser still active and there was no other way provided to get out. The alarms have been turned on (for no reason) which may explain why the invisible laser is there - but there is no way to get to it to turn it off. Perhaps a console should be added in the rear area or stop this situation from occurring altogether. Note that Decoy+Switch Teleport does not work, because it treats it like there is a wall there and the "Target Obstructed" message comes up anywhere beyond the invisible wall.


Following are some screens:


Through this window you can see the console in alarm state...



Here you see what happens when you run into the invisible laser wall  - also notice its in alarm state here (yellow ring on mini-map):



But here its in "alert state" (small white ring on mini-map):


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