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Switching Weapons Kills Ash Prime´s Tail Physics


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I do encounter a very weird bug with Ash Prime´s tail for some days now which I orignally linked to bugs in the new tileset (already had a thread on that issue) but it seems to be the case that switching between weapons causes the tail physics to disappear.


I was doing various tests the last days and I came to the conclusion that switching weapons can make the tail go through your body like there was no physics effect for the tail.


I tried to further isolate the issue and thought it was linked with having Carrier Prime with you, but in some very rare cases it does also happen when Carrier Prime is not equipped.


The only thing I can say for sure is that switching weapons can result in the loss of the effect - sometimes it does work fine and stable and you can almost see a pattern why this is happening but sadly there are those cases when it happens without a visual pattern.


The most important question here - the physics for cloth and tail-like pieces are not done via Nvidia PhysX, right ? So this is an issue with the ingame physics engine I assume.


Could you please have a closer look to this issue because it is really annoying to have the effect going away just because I switched a weapon. Thanks alot.

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