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A List Of General Problems I Have.


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I like this game, I really do like this game. I sank about 150+ hours into and I have quite a lot of issues so let me start listing them.


1. The Dojos need to be scaled for the amount of players that are in the clan. The Soy Sauce Union has what... 500 members? I'd imagine that things gets built fast. A lot of people make small clans for themselves and their friends so it's a 3-4 person clan but they still have to spend ridiculous amounts of materials to make everything. Games can only host 4 people so there's no reason what so ever to have clans of more than 4 people making the recipes for the rooms take far too long to get. Also needing 5-15+ forma for 1 room is far too ridiculous.

2. Grineer are very annoying. I like them but over every faction the Grineer have the most cheap enemies. The scorpions are fine and quite interesting but it would be nice if you could attack while being dragged instead of slowly getting up. The rollers... well if you haven't gotten enough complaints about them to fill a small house than I'm very disappointment with everyone.


3. Not being able to craft multiple of the same blue prints. I want to make a twin viper so I buy 2 viper blue prints, first I have to make 1 viper, wait, make the other, then make the twin vipers. It's tedious and just elongates the time to an annoying extent. I understand you want it to have an incentive to get people to rush the builds but this is just inconvenient and I for one don't feel like it's a good enough model to warrant me spending money. It makes me feel like I'm being pushed rather than inclined to spend money.


4. I have to add on already... Well beta is beta. Stealth sucks. the mechanic is there it just doesn't work like it should. Entire ships are alert the moment you can't 1 shot someone (even on infestation missions with zero intercom systems.), stealth attacks are a waste of time because unless they don't 1 hit kill the enemy they alert everyone and that's it for the mission. Also alerting 1 person once screws up the entire stealth aspect for the mission because everyone instantly know your location 24/7 unless you are invisible.



Here's an example of my stealth experience. I 1 hit a charger, no alerts, then an ancient was blocking my path so I used the kunais to take him out faster than he can make ANY noise. He died and suddenly 10 chargers came out of the ether and started gnawing at my ankles. they weren't even in the same room!


5. Another addition. Needs better optimization,


That's really all I have to say at the moment, I'll add on to it if I come across anything. If anyone has anything to add to this please feel free to comment on your opinions.

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