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I don't hate Archwing, I don't love it, but I don't hate it. 

It's got it's fun points, the whole space part? Beautiful. It's wonderful looking. Big ship destroying weapons? Even better!

Fighting the other factions in their own ships and their own space fairing suits? The corpus could due to have something more interesting than their floating space dudes, but other wise it's great.

But one thing I think I can kind of pin down as something I find annoying and boring is that it's all so far apart. 

It feels like a chore to get from point A to point B, especially in Archwing Interception. Quite literally point B was 1000 meters from all other points. So getting everywhere else is just bland. A vast nothingness inbetween except for the scattered enemies. 


I get it though, I really do, wer'e in space, a vaccuous SPACE of NOTHING. 

I'm not saying there should be any sweeping changes, but jsut little map size tweaks making them somewhat smaller and having the objectives closer would be pretty cool. 


So maybe my complaint is an idle one, but I dunno, I'd like to see what everyone else has to say.

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I say, add more mission types and for both factions so we aren't resricted to the same tilset for each mission. Also, the maps should be smaller but when you have Itzal, getting places takes the click of a button. When I play Interceptions, I start at the farthest one and capture, point at the closest to that one and use Teleport, rinse and repeat.

You go so fast it still thinks you're at each base even after you're flying around (still has arrow pointing to all bases by minimap).


Get Itzal to be Sanic, but I also agree on making maps smaller so other Archwings so can have an easier time playing.

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