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Un-Named Warframe 3D Art


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Hi guys,


Long time since I posted anything on the forums, but I thought it was time to give it a go again. My last frame I did was a year ago or so. You can check it out here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/197798-new-frame-wip-work-in-progress/


The new frame I'm working on has no name, no powers, no concept other than I thought it would be cool to see a more military looking frame in game and thought I'd take a crack at it. The concept is still in its early stages, but I hope you like it!











































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I see Samurai and WWI influences in the design, perhaps he could be a military/general themed Warframe? 

Here's some ideas:


Name: Bastion

Ability 1: Sabotage: Bastion fires several projectiles which stick to whatever they hit. If they hit an enemy, the enemy will be greatly slowed and marked on radar. Projectiles which hit scannable objects will render them inoperable by enemies, and all projectiles deal gas damage to nearby enemies at the moment of impact.

Ability 2: Entrenchment: Bastion creates a trench in the ground with low walls on either side. Enemy accuracy towards allied characters in the trench is reduced, while enemies that attempt to enter the trench take continuous gas damage.

Ability 3: Turret: Bastion summons a turret from the ground which functions like a Grineer Rampart, though only Bastion can use it. It will consume energy with each shot fired, and Bastion will be immobilized but protected until the ability ends or is canceled.

Ability 4: Reinforcements: Bastion summons specters that will attack enemies using Sabotage. They will not follow Bastion, but instead will remain in the area in which they were summoned until they are destroyed or their duration expires.

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The model remind me of two things.

First of Fallout, the style is pretty similar. The tubes allso makes me think of Corpus.

The second.thing is the early concept art for Star Wars A new Hope.

At the moment Id say it needs to read alien Tenno-armor a bit more. But great job so far!

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