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Theory On How Sentient "drones" In The Tombs Trailer Tie In With New Lore (Non-Spoilery)


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The drones are the "eyes" of the greater Sentients by extension - able foot soldiers with a simple directive:

Search, Assimilate, and terminate any resistance to this directive.

Here's the key: the drone finds a target and BINDS TO IT on a genetic/nanotech level (organic or inorganic/machine). The drone adapts to the hosts form, which is then assimilated into the collective intelligence. A Sentient hybrid is born and all relevant evolutionary/technological upgrades become part of the whole, making the Sentients stronger while growing their army and reach.

The inability to assimilate void-afflicted targets lies in the nature of void energy: it does not conform to the concrete rules of science and physics per our universe.


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...I'm guessing since you're on PS4 you've either been mislead or didn't gather all the information. 


I'm not sure how you interpeted "eye" as "search and terminate" because that's not exactly what an eye does. The Oculyst is an eye of the Sentient, it is there to learn, to watch, to observe, to study. They are not assassins, they are 


Potential spoiler regarding mechanics:

If you walk up to one, it will scan you by sending a beam out of its chest cavity where the blue energy is surging. This beam produces a holographic replica of you, basically creating a mirror. It then departs. They are not assassins, they are silent observers.


If you scan it first, however, it willbe aware of you and leave with no hesitation.

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