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Most Viable Exilus Mod For Nova Prime


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Nothing seems that great to me, but then utility mods aren't meant to really be game changers either; that's why they got their own slot in the first place. 

Rush is always useful, although a bit redundant on Nova who is already one of the fastest frames in the game. Since she isn't really melee viable there's really no reason she needs to be able to run any faster than she does. For longer distances you'd just use wormhole/parkour 2.0 to get around much more quickly than you could sprint. 

MagLev is similar advice. 

Handspring is a really good option if your build doesn't have room for Continuity or if you can drop Continuity for something that would be more useful overall. Laying prone on the ground for a long period of time is one of the more common ways for a player to get killed, so being able to recover from knock-down faster is quite useful. 

The Bullet Jump mods are all fun and increase your parkour 2.0 mobility a fair amount. That said, I can't imagine I'd want to purposefully get close enough to enemies on Nova to take advantage of their elemental effects. 

Enemy Sense/Loot Radar are redundant with Animal Instinct. 

Master Thief is a stupid mod. Bring a Kubrow if you want to open locked doors. 

Heavy Impact is fun, but again, I'd rather not enter melee combat as Nova. 


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