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We Need To Talk About Archwing...


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I love archwing.


BUT, I am having problems with the drops, and I don't have the time to grind for hours on end, so I get frustrated and play "normal" land combat. Plus the fact that parts don't drop with every mission, what is up with that?

The real reason I am so upset is because I haave farmed a velotius rec, a corvas rec and a decurion barrel, with no sucess on ANY of these weapons. I know I am going to get replies saying "you are not sticking with it" or "stop complaning" and lastly "just buy the weapons." 

My response in advance is I have spent hours farming with no sucess, I am not complaining, I am making a valid point and thirdly I am not paying 200+ plat for these weapons.


I just want better drop rates on archwing missions.


Thank you for your time,


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I agree. Two 24 wave runs and four 16 wave runs on Erpo while farming for Corvas and a Fluctus piece and I only got the Fluctus piece thrice and every Corvas piece but one. That's a ridiculous amount of time spent to not even get all the pieces.

Also for Sabotages, make a part drop guaranteed. That BS mod and 1000 creds I get non-stop while farming on that mission is ridiculous and annoying. That should not even happen. Those tiles are time-consuming enough to try and navigate through, so why hand out zero rewards to the players who actually care to do them?

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Yep, Archwing is flawed by the serious lack of content at the moment, the horrible drop tables right now is really an excuse to keep people playing it.


They need to add more nodes with varying level ranges unlike the current, low level to high level jump we are experiencing from Mars/Saturn to Uranus, then they could also think about moving some of the drops around so people arent forced to play the same nodes every time.


Just generalising but Archwing is just mostly filled with players with weak and under levelled gear struggling to get better weapons and the ones who managed to get everything and leave the game mode in the dust. Hopefully the starchart revamp may bring some potential changes to Archwing as well.


I always thought Archwing is a really taxing game mode to maintain, in order to push it towards the mainstream content that all players enjoy, they really need to devote a much larger amount of update content and resources into it, otherwise it will always remain unsatisfactory and not up to par when compared to the general content. So its kind of expected that revamping and updates for this game mode appears to come second compared to other ones. 

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