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False Achievement Gain

(XBOX)Demon Shadow1

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alright i just noticed that if i look at a previous mission in which i just gained rank 30 with a weapon with a diffrent weapon the achievements and ingame tracking acts like the lower rank weapon was the one that gained rank 30 and is repeatable with under ranked weapons. however it does not affect actual rank of the weapons.

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ok this is on xbox one. the achievements you get for mastery rank 30 on weapon types. i got it by looking at the previous mission report with a weaponi didnt use on the mission however when i exit it it shows my weapon as its normal rank. so i am getting achievements without actual work.

yes this is a known bug... Dont worry to much about it.

Just continue playing your game and ,hay when you do make your next "weapon type of a certain achievment" it will be fine.

Its nothing to worry about, just coninue making weapon and such like normal and you will be fine.

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