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Update 8: Impressions


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I haven't seen all of what U8 has to offer but i have seen enough of it so i thought i would give my impressions. Sorry for my lack of screenshots steam dosen't like me apparently


Let's start with the new Grineer ships. They look amazing! They perfectly fit the Grineer, While i didn't see any of the new enemies (i only played Terminus) i was definetly impressed by the new ship.


Next is the new weapons. While i haven't used any of them they look promising and i cant wait untill i get my hands on the Kunai. As for the new sentinal he also looks promising and i find it funny that this is a low profainty game and a no-profanity forum when you use the term "Badass" to describe the new sentinal.


Then i played a Corpus mission but i was disapointed at the lack of new enviorments. Nothing major, not an issue, but a little disapointing.


The clan dojo sounds intresting and i made my own clan i'll try it out once i make the key and get some members (i'll be recruting soon,but i want to get a clan website set up and ready).


I'll do another one of these when i get farther. The new materials,Orokin Voids and weapons will probably be included there but it won't be for a while

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Kunai is freaking badass. Get it. I think it has inherent armour piercing, does full damage to Grineer Lancers. Reloads fast, shoots pretty quick, but you gotta lead ahead, and a little higher, cause it follows the rules of gravity. Totally awesome!

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