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Why Not All Prime Cosmetics Have Normal Versions?


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Some normal cosmetics are primed but some prime aren't normal versions(Misa,Targis,Etc) so im sure all players(at least most :P) would love if DE can make a normal version of


Misa syndana 

Noru syndana 

These 3 are highly requested to become normal versions it would look cool

One last thing everyone would like it if they are NOT timed exclusives like proto excal/nemsis nyx


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the prevailing wisdom is :


cronus/jaw/pangolin - dakra prime


hate/ether reaper - reaper prime

i would consider the ether reaper being the normal of the reaper prime since they have the same stats

I bet you want Misa syandana

lol do u have to showup at every post i do on prime items???

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