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End Of Mision Log Out


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I have had this happen probably 5 or so times since the update (never happened before - obviously not including host disconnects or internet dropouts - not that they ever happened ONLY at extraction either though).


Each time has been when I'm solo, and I have checked my internet connection straight away (with no problems), so it's not like the disconnect is on my end or anything, and chat has seemed to be working right up to the disconnect for all of them (which that is usually the first thing to go if you're having connection issues)


I haven't noticed a pattern in which particular missions or tile-sets it happens in because it seems completely random. I can play dozens of missions with no problem, then all of a sudden, I get kicked. Log back in and I'm back to normal until the next random visit from the evil log-out spirits.


The latest occurance was about 10 minutes ago, I was doing a solo survival on Ophelia, Uranus. 20 minutes rolls around, absolutely no problems with the game, go to extract, game freezes for several seconds until it kicks me back to log-in.


I would really like to know why. I will update this comment with more details of the missions/maps I was on if it happens to me again. Hopefully start to form a theory on why it's happening.

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