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Aegaeon (Spy Mission) Bug


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So I was doing Aegaeon on Saturn because I was trying to farm the rime rounds mod and I ran into a bug that completely screwed me over, I had extracted data A without triggering alarms but when I finished hacking, they suddenly went off and underneath A at the left hand side of my screen it didn't say data retrieved, which it should have because the unidentified item pop-up came, it said data purging, but I didn't trigger any alarms, and because I had already extracted data I couldn't do it again. So after about 40 seconds it said dataretrieval failed, and I thought maybe it's just a bug and I will have extracted it and get my reward at the end of the mission, sadly, after I succesfully retrieved both B and C at the end of game screen only 2 rewards were identified. So even though I had extracted A because the alarms went off after I did, and the pop-up said I did so, I didn't get the reward and the whole point of my mission was to get a chance at the rime rounds mod, but to get that you need all three the data retrievals, which according to the game I didn't have, so if this bug occurs again it can seriously annoy any and all players who have the same goals as me, or maybe the other rewards for succesfully completing all the hacks.

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