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Ash Smoke Screen Rework


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Currently players want to make teams always with the same formations, with the same warframes because of their control abilities in order to make an easier raid. Thinking about it i come bringing an innovative idea, to make Ash that has something to offer in a composition for a Raid Team, and really turns it on warframe ninja, assassin. Not only a Warframe who uses only your abilitie 4.


My idea here come to give one chance to make Ash more balanced and have one abilitie to use in the end game content. Because today no only me but have a lot of players frustrated by not manage to use our favorite warframe at the end game content "Raid".


The first thing to do is exchange 2 and 3 abilities of place. 


So here is some significant changes:



Strength: n/a - 

Duration: 8/10/12/15 on closed places, 4/6/8/10 on open places ** because the smoke disperses rapidly on air

Range: 5/7/8/10


* Ash throws a smoke bomb. On contact with a ground, the bomb explode and release a smoke that expand to a radius of 5/7/8/10 and will stagger enemies inside for a short duration. A single smoke bomb can last up 6/8/10/12

seconds and can be cast multiple times while active.


* Radius is Affected by Power Range.


* Duration is affected by Power Duration.


* Inside the Smoke Ash and your allys become untargetable, enemies will continue to attack near them last known  location, and will make attempts to retaliate when harmed. Ash and your allys stay untargetable only inside the smoke, if they leaves will became visible again. Who are outside the smoke dont have line of sight of targets inside.


* Stealth damage multipliers are applied to melee attacks only inside the smoke. Coming into physical contact with the enemy while attacking will temporarily remove the damage bonus. 


* The abilitie does not make Ash your allys silent. Firing an unsuppressed weapon while under the effects of Smoke Bomb will still alert nearby enemies to your presence.


* Smoke Bomb will also apply to any equipped companion.


* Ash can not be knocked down or staggered during the cast animation.


* Can only be used on the ground.



This Augment make the enemies inside the smoke be confused and attack nearby targets as if they were on the effects of radiation.

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what you are doing is basically splitting up the smoke screen abillity into a slightly less powerfull and more mod slot and capacity demanding ability that has very limited use, as u are stuck to stay in the smoke to get your melee buff which is very unpractical and doesnt fit an assasin/stealth type frame like ash.


the idea of giving ash a slight rework is doable but your idea only makes it more unpractical, because of this people will most likely abolish the ability and not use it ever.

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I understand your point of view, but would like to discuss my point too =P


The Smoke Screen of Ash it was not meant to be used as Invibility abilitie of Loki. A smoke bomb used by ninjas was used to distract your enemies, creating the opening for lethal attacks. For the reason that the ninjas learned to fight in the area created by the smoke bomb.


Less powerfull its not, because you can use it to cover a greater area, and make your enemys blind and confused. About slot capacity, today almost everyone use one slot for augments. This abilitie will offer to Ash more than one build to use, because this you have A-B-C on your upgrade. The new parkour and with arcane trickery, you will not miss the invisibility abilitie.


I know there are exceptions but today people abolish Smoke Screen, most of them use power max, for kill enemy with 4 abilitie.

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The new parkour and with arcane trickery, you will not miss the invisibility abilitie.



Yes I will. Smokescreen doesn't work as well if Ash is not invisible, inside or outside the radius for however many seconds the ability allows. Invisibility is as much an offensive ability as it is a defensive one, since you get a colossal melee damage boost, and limiting it to a smokescreen area is limiting the potential of Ash. You're taking away the ability for him to be damage dealer and recon/reviver (if push comes to shove)


Currently people view smokescreen as Invisibility's brother who can't do anything right, this would push Ash further into spam bladestorm only territory, because his effectiveness becomes tied to an area. While if you could be invisible and throw smoke bombs out as CC to choke enemies then we have a much more usable ability

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