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Capture Crashes


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Is there anyone else that frequently experiences crashes in Capture missions? More specifically when actually being around the target? The only time I crash is when the target becomes agro and starts running. Yet this never happens to Synthesis Targets dispite the similiar codes (I think)


If the target is either unaware of my presence or on the ground I'm completely fine. Dispite the changes to Capture in Update 17, I've experienced these crashes for a while beforehand. I thought it was fixed because it stopped happening but it has started again recently.


I believe it's some sort of error in the coding as there seems to be nothing wrong in terms of performance. Yet it's always around these targets when my game just completely freezes forcing me to use task manager and go into processes just to close the game down.


Someone is probabily going to say "Well don't play capture missions then." in which I would normally agree if it wasn't for getting bombarded with void capture keys frequently.

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