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I Hate This Game


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So after almost 60 runs on Titania Uranus this stupid Sentient finally showed up, so I scanned him and then started fight with Tyl Regor, his first 2 stages was easy but when comes to the last fight he glitched and didn't showed up.

After 10 minutes of waiting I just jumped into this electric water and aborted mission, and guess what, scans of Oculus didn't saved... So now i have to do another 50 missions to get chance of scanning him again...


Thanks DE for awsome RNG Quest

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You need to complete this quest to get Exilus Adapter, but yes it's "Optional"


All the mods you can fit there are utility mods so it's still optional xD

Im not putting any of those in any of the frames i own. So i'm doin the quest just for lore/curiosity sake

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As much as I don't die of love for RNGesus, we do realize that, playing till you get that item/part/mod/bp/quest is actually -playing-, right ?


I mean, this can be frustrating at times (it gets the best out of us, no doubt), but, honestly, should you have everything the games has to offer, and I mean, everything, exclusives, parts 99x all mods, all quests open, easier enemies (e,g. Bombards & Nullifiers), DE personnel access, f*&$#¨@ God Mode ON, how long would we play such a game ? Why do we even stop playing certain games ? If so, should we stick with the "1's" instead of buying <insert-game-name-here> 2, 3, 4, EX, Z, Super Especial Plus ..... I mean, since we dominate every nook and cranny, why bother play new, different games ?


Anyways, Kepil, I do catch your drift; I had to do Uranus missions for a whole day and a half till the spirit-sentient-thingy finally appeared. But all the while, I was -playing-. Besides, there were lots of new, shiny things to test from U17.


What I like about Warframe is it's always changing, it feels fresh and new with every major update.


All I'm trying to say is: it is only a game (which I really like and am quite addicted to, alright), so let's play it !

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