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Devstream #58 Postponed [Tennovip/gamescom]


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Woooohoohooow you'd better show a loooot of stuff & talk about Stealth 2.0 in the next devstream!... o.O


If you do a "meh" stream, you'll lose some audience... :/

(I know some people who count the hours before each livestream)

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We will be postponing Devstream #58 until August 21st.

We'll be at our TennoVIP meet & greet party in Germany this week! https://warframe.com/tennovip

See you there if you're coming (YAY!), otherwise see you for Devstream #58 on August 21!



Will DE be on Twitch and playing Warframe like last year, so we all at home can cheer and support like last year? ;-)

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will it be recorded?


It's a party.


I'm pretty sure there will be lots of pictures, mine mostly embarrassing, but a video makes little sense.

Except you mean vines ... gosh, modern age is so complicated for an old guy like me.


Why would you say 'post pone' instead of just saying 'cancelled'?  I mean, it's not like you're actually post poning it, (as in, reshuffling the time around to make up for the lost time), because we're not going to get Devstream #59 on the 21st. If you were actually post poning it, then we would still get #59 on the 21st, instead of replacing #58 with #59 as is currently happening.


I was hoping for a live dev stream as well, simply because GamesCom is not a tiny event like E3 or something.

But without a live dev stream, it was pretty clear there will be no regular one.

Please also keep in mind, conventions and parties are a lot of work as well. Just because you only see the final product doesn't mean it takes a lot preparation (plus equipment, organization and staff members out of view).



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