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Referral Mods Being Replaced By Something More Rewarding


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Just looked upon the site and saw what mods you're supposed to get by getting your friends into the game.


Firestorm, Self Destruct and Undying Will?

Firestorm and Undying will are dropped very frequently. Self Destruct is not even worth being included into a Sentinel since it's damage is way to low and range to short.


I'd suggest to include REAL rewards into the mod reward for referring new users.

Something like Primed Chamber for 25 new invites or some of the new parcour mods.

At least something that is not complete crap like now.


We are getting more people into your game, DE, so why not rewarding the advertisement properly.

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Primed Chamber would be way too ridiculous and players will get angry at the ruined exclusivity, etc etc. The mods were never meant to be amazing, just a nice added bonus to players referring friends. Maybe the rarer stance mods? I agree with the parkour mods too, that'd be neat. Although players will still probably get angry that they spent whatever million credits transmuting for lightning dash or whatever. 

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Naw, if you get people to join, you should get Warframe and weapon slots.


This. I don't mind getting mods, but you should honestly just get straight up slots for referral.

If it was Primed Chamber, I'd suddenly not be able to get Primed Chamber. (Even if I can't get it now, the fact that there would be a chance besides plat that was effected by external factors like how many people I refer would be bad.)

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