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Xbox One: Seal Of Honoring Contest


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Xbox One Tenno!


As our 1 year Anniversary approaches, we not only look back on the good times we’ve had together, we look ahead to the ever mysterious paths that our journey will take us. What better way to prepare for the future than to don a swanky anniversary Sigil to show the new friends you meet along the way that yes, I’ve seen some things and I’m here to celebrate!


How to Enter:

Design your own unique Xbox One Anniversary Sigil for your fellow Tenno and post it in this thread!



Only one submission per player

Copyrighted, profane, or inappropriate pictures will be removed



This is a contest where everyone wins. After the winner is chosen, the design will be turned into a Sigil and sent to every XB1 player! (Turning the design into a Sigil will require some extra time, so we appreciate your patience after the contest ends)


The winning Sigil will be determined by our expert team of developers.


This contest runs from August 4 – 20 at 1 p.m. EDT!

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Well the modern first year anniversary gift is a clock.  The closet thing to an outspace clock is an houglass nebula.


There is an Engraved Hourglass Nebula or MyCn18.  My sigil would look similar to it.

The symbol also looks like the symbol for infinite.....an added bonus that could symbolize Warframe's continued success.


Here is an image but their are many others:



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Okay, so the idea of my submission was to make an emblem that related to the xbox in more than just the logo somewhere on it.  So, my Idea for this excruciatingly pixelated sigil was to have a modified lotus symbol with an xbox logo thrown into the mix, I thought something more interesting would be to also have the energy of the sigil be in the shape of the controller, which is why I left a white outline of an Xbox One controller in the photo


Here's the link to it on imgur:http://imgur.com/Gtuy31u


-I'd like to add that it is extremely pixelated, I'm sure a professional at DE would make it look smoother as I made this with my poor-man's version of photoshop

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In my proposed sigil, the swords symbolize the eternal war and constant struggle fought by all Tenno, while the fire is a reminder of the soul that burns furiously inside each and every one of them. Also the fire aims to show the duality of being a lone wolf and the upcoming of the 1 year anniverary!

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