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This Might Work For The Tenno Too.


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While playing on the new map for the grinner i noticed that my warframe keept on falling on the floor and being draged to some place while thinking this might be a bugg of an invissible enemy i looked closely and noticed it was a new type of enemy wielding the new machete and also USES A GRAPLING hook now my first thought was holy hell that is cool second why dont we have those grapling hooks would be soo cool think of it this way if the tenno get theyr hands on that well it can serve mutiple purposes like for mobility while stealthing or gettting a vantage point if you are snipeing or even escape deadly situations that would otherwise result in your death even grab and drag that anoying last enemy you are trying to melee but he just runs away while shooting at you laughfing in your face see whos laughfing now huh.

Point is it would be nice if we could also get that and put it to good use i mean even the ninjas back in the day used grapling hooks to scale walls or use them in different way we should be abel too.


Sorry for my bad grammar but i think this might be a good idea for the game think about it.

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