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Mechanic Idea For Blocking Post-Stamina


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So I think we can all agree that 70% damage reduction while blocking does not scale very well and channeling for blocking only works well if you only have to block a couple of bullets. The main issue is that the devs  don't want us to be 100% immune to damage on one side of our frame as long as we remember to block (since we are no longer limited by stamina).


Possible Fix:

Give us a TIMER based stamina bar for blocking only that gives diminishing returns; so 100% damage reduction for the first 1.5-2 seconds of constant blocking and have the damage reduction decrease over time (100% till 1.5s, 90% till 2.5s, etc.). In this system, to prevent people from mashing the block button to keep 100% damage reduction, we have the timer bar replenish the amount of damage reduction given only when not blocking. This will make blocking more skill and timing based rather than holding it up everywhere you go and if the devs really want, they can bring back some of those old stamina mods for the new bar.


TL;DR (for very special people):

Have a TIMER based stamina bar that gives diminishing returns in damage reduction the longer it's up.


Thanks for reading. Post your critics or even other possible fixes (or just wait for DE to fold and give us unlimited 100% damage reduction).

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