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---Sold For 500P----

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Auction notes :

* You are offering for 2 imprints not just 1
* < Important > : Auction will end on August 6 2015 -- 2:00 PM GMT +4 Timezone. If you win make sure you are online at this time to receive the imprints. if you are not online for 3 hours after the deadline I will either :
A ) Sell the imprints for the next bidder if I feel the price he / she offered is ok with me.
B ) Sell the imprints in trade chat and close this thread 
C ) Use the imprints to just breed a new Kubrow 

*Irrelevant or offensive comments are not welcome and they will be reported
* Starting price : 300p
* Buyout price : 750p 500p
* Bid Increment : 20p ( Which means you can only increase your offer by at least 20p+ the highest current offer)
* Buyout price may decrease a little bit and may not was decreased due to the lack of offers. The starting price will not decrease / increase.
Kubrow Images :

As a baby :

As an adult :

1 More image showing the lotus sign with different fur color.
Thanks for reading this. If you like the kubrow leave your offer here or pm me on the forums or ingame I am online most of the day.

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