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Work Around For "could Not Update Account" Bug


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*sorry for repost, posted this in general feedback last time*


DERebecca has stated that a hoxfix for the bug is coming today, but for those who can't wait I think I have discovered a work around.


So the thing is that if you mod or customize the colors of a weapon, this will prevent your account from updating upon completing missions. HOWEVER, after multiple tests, it seems like this bug does not affect mod or color appearance slot C.


To see if this works yourself:

- mod or change the color of the desired weapon in config/slot C

- switch to a difference warframe

- relog


Upon relogging, if you're the warframe you switched to and your color/mods are still intact then the fix worked. If you're the warframe you switched from, I guess you have to wait for the hotfix :C


This has been working out for me so hopefully it'll help you too.

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