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Suggestions On How To Mod Supra And Twin Grakatas



So I am using the Supra since it got buffed and I have already put in a forma. So far I really like this weapon and was wondering if there are any suggestions on how to make it better based on the build that I am currently using. As of right now I am using a maxed splitchamber, a rank 7 serration, the dual stat mods to create viral and electric elemental damage, and shred. I still have two mod slots available and I am thinking that I should add stormbringer to increase electric damage and cryo rounds.


I also got the Twin Grakatas and I am going to mod them for status and critical while using dual stat mods for blast and electric damage. Any suggestions are helpful. I am going to use around two to three forma on Supra and possibly Twin Grakatas depending how it goes.

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You might want to take a look at http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0, and decide if the proc effects are worth losing a significant amount of direct damage from your element choices.


The Supra has a syndicate mod that adds a nice chunk of status and gives it an AoE with energy restoration to your frame. While status is not this weapon's forte, it's not a terrible choice if you also like having the AoE. To make the weapon easier to use, you may wish to install Terminal Velocity and/or Stabilizer.


Twin Grakatas are basically built the same as the Aksomati but with an appreciable amount of status. You could build for CC effects with Blast+Elec but the staggering from the Impact procs should be frequent enough to stunlock an enemy regardless - I would go with Corrosive+Fire against armored enemies, maybe Viral + Fire against others.

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With the exception of possibly Wildfire--don't use dual stat elementals on the supra. If you want status procs, get the Entropy Burst mod from a Suda devotee.


Twin grakatas: you're pretty much required to either use them very sparingly, or make sure you have an ammo mutation on all your builds.

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