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Top Tier Weapons?



So I'm just getting back into Warframe and my head is spinning from all the changes that have been made since I last logged in. The last time I played was a little before Oberon came out. I think that was a little over a year and a half.

In any case, with all this new gear and tons of changes I was hoping some knowledgeable Tenno would help me with a few things. Mainly I just want to know what are considered the best weapons right now. I don't have many retired weapons, but include those anyway if you please.

Thanks in advance!

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Amprex and Atomos are great for crowds; they chain from the enemy you're hitting to nearby targets.


Opticor and the Bows are still best for single targets, although Vectis Prime gives them a run for their money.


Hek, Drakgoon and Tigris all got pretty massive shotgun buffs in U17.


Aksomati are probably the best bullet hose sidearms; Vaykor Marelok and Lex Prime are the best heavy hitters. Brakk is still the best CQC sidearm.


For AR's, Boltor Prime is still pretty powerful but Soma Prime competes well and exceedes it if you headshot. Braton Prime has gotten a lot more popular with the inclusion of more readily available status% mods.


Melee is all pretty similar; Scindo Prime, Dakra Prime, and Redeemer stand out.


All of this is IMO ofc.

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