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Blocking Doesn't Always Work


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Description:  In testing myriad weapons and their effectiveness (usually lack thereof) while blocking, I've discovered that blocking doesn't always work.  I just ran through one of the Corpus vs. Grineer maps on Mars while trying to re-rank my Ash, and against a single Grineer Lancer, I took 3 damage per shot without blocking and 3 damage per shot with blocking using my Kronen.  If the Kronen are supposed to block 1/3 of damage, I should be taking 2 damage per shot.  Against other enemies, like the Corpus Prod Crewman, or the Grineer Seeker, blocking reduces the damage by 1/3.  At present, I don't know if the issue is with me, the Kronen, or the Grineer Lancer.  I'll keep trying other weapons to see if I get the same issue.


Reproducible:  Yes - it always happens with my Kronen vs. any Grineer Lancer


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Equip Kronen (I use Fury and Spoiled Strike in case attack speed makes any difference somehow)

2. Find Grineer Lancer and let him shoot you in the face (or wherever he wants)

3. Repeat step 2 while blocking

4. Compare results from steps 2 and 3.  In my case, they've always been identical, meaning I'm getting no damage reduction.


EDIT:  Issue doesn't occur with my Anku.  It may be that the Kronen are broken.

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