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Shotgun + Slash Damage = Full Body And Gibs.


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Since the shotgun buff I've been using the Tigris a lot, and I've been noticing that when you kill an enemy and they get cut in half from the slash damage their whole body remains intact, and the two halves materialize out of thin air. It looks really stupid! I laughed the first time but now it's really annoying because it happens every time you would cut someone in half with the Tigris.


I haven't tried it with any other shotguns, but I assume if the shotgun does primarily slash damage as it's physical damage type then the same thing would happen.


TL;DR - Shotgun with slash damage causes enemies to leave two bodies when killed.

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Aiding the bump, it happens when hitting a body several times with slash-based weaponry. Each time the body is hit, it generates more gore bits, even when it wouldn't make sense. I've had at a body with my Galatine before and left about five arms and ten upper torsos before. I was laughing too hard to take a screenshot.

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