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Cordelia (Uranus) - Missing Exterminate Targets


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Cordelia (Uranus) - Level 21-23
Mission Exterminate (submersible)
I was unable to complete this mission because the required number of grineer to exterminate did not spawn.  Toward the end of the mission I was missing approximately 13 targets; I explored the map many times over to find nothing more forcing me to abort the mission.


I was playing the mission solo with max level Nova using the Supreme Soma Set bundle max leveled while collecting scans with my Helios.

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Seems that whenever the extraction point is underwater and I'm with a partner, the spawning thing bugs out and enemies stop spawning leaving me in a very alone map and a kill number under what it should be.

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Whenever it's going to be the underwater extraction, my load screen goes black to pre-processes a few moments before loading the mission. This occurs with or without teammates, in any mode of play on Submersible Exterminate missions.


I agree skipping these and suggest not using exterminate missions to search for Kuria.


(Also with teammates and an underwater start, Client Archwings do not spawn only host can swim up out of the water. -- a different bug, but possibly related?)

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