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"deadwater" Glitch, Aka No Melee No Roll No Wallstick


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Yes, I know it's my personal name for it, but to players who actually WANT to use melee with parkour and the other weapons, this puts us dead in the water. When it occurs, you cannot use your melee weapon; the idles play, but whether in quick melee or melee mode, you can't swing your sword/dagger/what-have-you. You also lose the ability to manually roll, in any direction, (At least I have, I remapped my roll button to the forward roll on my scroll wheel so I could use it more often) and one of the elements of parkour 2.0 turns off; the wall-stick. So in short, if this glitch occurs, one cannot stick to the walls at will, one cannot use their melee weapon, and ground-based parkour effectively turns off.


I've done a lot of poking about on Apolodorus to see if I could get this glitch to occur, and did... several times. It only occurs when using a ranged weapon, never in melee mode. Once the glitch occurs, switching to melee mode does not help, using powers like Radial Javelin does not reset it... and lo and behold it makes Exalted Blade useless (no swing-a the sword, no launch-a the getsuga tenshou). It really hits both my warframe and my playstyle hard. I took a video of it, and am in the process of figuring out how to load it into the chat for further analysis, but that might take a while, so I'm starting with a description of the bug.


Has this happened to anyone else, is there a way to get the bug to un-trigger, and could we get this into DE's attention please? This is getting to be a real problem.

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