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Per-Weapon Disable/enable Aimglide?!


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Is there anyway we could have an option, perhaps in the arsenal, to disable/enable Aimglide on a per-weapon basis?

Maybe under the options to disable/enable holstered appearance? 


I don't know about you...but I used to love falling and aiming regular speed and rolling when I landed.


I'd open a door, a grineer would be right on the otherside, I'd say oh S#&$! Then I'd leap backwards, throwing my whole body backwards as I fired a blaze of bullets into that stupid, stupid, poor grineer. Then I'd land on my back, do a cool roll and spring back to my feet.


Now I slowfall everytime and just pop up on my feet...really a lot less bad ! than it used to feel.


On the other side of things, I love aimgliding over enemies when i'm in the air high enough and I can see the fun in having the move...


I know I can fall regular speed while shooting if I don't aim...but what if I *want* to aim? :/




   -Either allow us a per-weapon enable/disable aimglide

   -Or allow us another way to aimglide, maybe double-tap n hold aim?


I play with both controller and keyboard and mouse depending if I want to play across the room and use the TV or sit at the desk... The problem is my controller is seriously running out of keys to bind, so I'd like to avoid a whole new key just to aimglide.

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I definitely am for this feature. Some just want to aim and fall, not glide. I understand it's a brand new feature and they're proud of it but it was forced on players who didn't mind the original way (such as myself).

I agree, I liked the furious jump+shooting feeling of the past, I'd like an option to still do it yaknow?


Also I made a post "Parkour 2.1 The Perfect Remix" It's all about having an option to wallrun AND wallhop without forcing any player to do both or pick one... 


We should have options, we love this game and we get used to one thing, when it changes and we miss it it's a real bummer. There has to be win-win ideas we can all agree on!!


After all, we just want to shoot holes in grineer with a smile on our faces...

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