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Wts Chesa Lotus Prints

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I will sell it within 24 hours, to the highest bidder.

Leave your bid, and or comments down below, with your ingame alias, and I will contact you within 24 hours, or if I think the price is right I might sell right away. 


19685673873_45d2a1ff51_o.jpgWarframe.x64 2015-08-05 07-12-36-436 by Rem_NL, on Flickr


20280408406_eaeabfc645_o.jpgWarframe.x64 2015-08-05 07-12-39-954 by Rem_NL, on Flickr


20312653081_cc2e87e05e_o.jpgWarframe.x64 2015-08-05 07-11-54-987 by Rem_NL, on Flickr


19685672203_ace4b90891_o.jpgWarframe.x64 2015-08-05 07-12-08-369 by Rem_NL, on Flickr

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